Bacula Enterprise Edition

Bacula® is the only fully Open Source, open standards software solution for network backup, data recovery and verification of computer data. It offers up to ten times lower total cost of ownership vs. proprietary systems, higher reliability and proven performance in mission-critical enterprise environments. Bacula Systems provides world-class technical support, services, and Bacula Enterprise EditionTM, all delivered via the Bacula Systems Subscription.

Bacula Enterprise EditionTM balances innovation with enterprise class stability, bringing modern, highly scalable backup and restore to the Enterprise. Thousands of organizations worldwide have adopted Bacula in mission-critical environments thanks to its modern, modular and multi-threaded design.

Adamant System Sdn. Bhd. is an authorized Bacula Systems SA partner in Malaysia, and are able to assist with Bacula Enterprise EditionTM implementation.

Bacula Systems™ is a registered trademark of Bacula Systems SA.

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