Zwipe Access is a contactless card with full on-card fingerprint scanning and matching functionality. Zwipe is more secure, easier and faster than other available ID and authentication solutions on the market today, and it allows unique customer adaptions through multi-application functionality. The fingerprint data is captured by the on-card fingerprint scanner and is thereafter stored only inside the card. All fingerprint related processes and matching is done on the card, and no exchange of data is conducted with external systems. When a positive match has occurred, Zwipe Access will activate encrypted communication with the lock or reader, In the same way as regular contactless cards.
If a perpetrator finds or steals the card, Zwipe Access will not work, as only the owner can activate the card communication. Therefore, lost or stolen cards are not a threat to the user or a source of worry. Zwipe Access can be used for whole installations, or for specific high security users in your system, while regular users have cards and FOBs from other providers.
The Zwipe card allows you to implement a full biometric fingerprint authentication solution to your system, without the need to change your reader/lock infrastructure, and without the need for the access control manager to handle sensitive fingerprint data, as those data are stored only on the Zwipe cards. As the complete fingerprint process is done on the card, the only requirement to your infrastructure of locks and readers is that they are ISO 14443 Desfire EV1 or Mifare Classic compatible. Implementing Zwipe Access is therefore a fast and efficient way to introduce biometric security to your organization.
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