Open Source

We are also a strong advocates of open-source ecosystem, and provides consultancy, implementation, and support services for the following open-source products:

  • Web servers – apache, nginx, lighttpd
  • Firewall - IPCop, pfSense, m0n0wall, Untangle, ClearOS, DD-WRT, IPFire, Mikrotik, Smothwall, Vyatta, Zeroshell, Zentyal
  • Application firewall - modsecurity
  • DNS servers – BIND
  • Proxy / reverse proxy – varnish, squid, nginx
  • Network security – OpenVPN, IPSec (OpenSwan), xl2tpd
  • High-availability – LVS, Lustre, Heartbeat, Pacemaker, nbd, drbd
  • CMS – Drupal, Plone, SilverStripe, Joomla, MODx
  • Network monitoring – Zabbix, ZenOSS, Munit, Nagios, OpenNMS, Munin, Ganglia
  • Email / messaging system – Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, exim, Dovecot, Courier, Zimbra
  • Database – MySQL, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, memcached (well...not exactly database, but close)
  • Virtualization – Xen, OpenVZ, KVM, OpenStack, 
  • Telephony - Asterisk, FreePBX

If you are looking for other open-source applications that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can probably work out some arrangement!